Earth Cycles (1987) by Alexina Louie

Alexina Louie's Earth Cycles was commissioned by Joseph Macerollo in 1987 with the assistance of a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.  Written for accordion and pre-recorded tape, it consists of three movements.

Each uses as its stimulus a natural cycle the perpetual motion of an ever-flowing stream, the continuous mysteries of the cycles of the moon, and the cycles of the seasons. The first movement, Flowing Stream is characterized by rapid, continuously repeated passages. New Moon explores polytonal chords with scaler extensions. In the third movement, Spring Rounds, the central section overlaps repeated rounds, melodies which are first introduced by the live accordion and then transferred in multiple layers onto the tape tracks.  In addition to the accordion, the pre-recorded tape involves a wide variety of chimes, performed by Beverley Johnston, layered up to 10 times.

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