Excerpt from International Accordion Celebration Program

A dream become reality!  The International Accordion Celebration is the result of a commitment I made some three years ago to prove that the accordion does belong in our concert halls, to be used with our finest orchestras and our finest chamber groups.  The response of the artistic community in Toronto to my project has been overwhelming-not a single musician, not a single musical organization bowed out.  The artists from abroad believed and supported me, realizing that what I would organize needed their participation.  Our work does not end with this magnificent event.  We can improve.  Already, decisions have been reached to follow up with a major accordion event in Holland in 1995, and in Finland in 1997.  We will learn by sharing in the strengths of this Celebration and push ahead to an even stronger artistic credibility in these future projects.  This event was my way of saying thank you to my colleagues, the pioneers of the concert accordion who, like myself opened the doors for the futures of our talented young people.  I hope that tomorrow, our youth will participate fully and be the pillars of sustained organized artistic endeavours.  I thank everyone whether performer, delegate, competitor, sponsor, supporter or volunteer for being part of this reality.  We can proudly and critically acclaim that the accordion is in the prime of its new artistic life.       

Joseph Macerollo, March 1993

The International Accordion Celebration was supported by numerous organizations, individuals, media, and government.  Below are some of the various Canadian politicians, among them Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, and Premier Bob Rae, who lent their support to this historical event.  Click the image of each letter for a full-size version.




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