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Placido Domingo, Joe Macerollo, Jose Carreras

Joseph Macerollo has recorded several LPs/CDs during his illustrious career.  In 1979, he released, as part of the Melbourne label's New Music Series, Interaccodinotesta with Joseph Macerollo.  This recording featured among other works, Barbara Pentland's Interplay (1972) performed by Macerollo and the Purcell String Quartet, and R. Muray Schafer's theatre piece, La Testa d'Adriane (1978), part of the Patria cycle. 

Some of Joseph's other CDs include:

  • Persuasion - Macerollo's contemporary accordion recording released on the CBC label, features numerous works by Canadian composers, including pieces for accordion and clarinet, accordion and string orchestra, and accordion and percussion.
  • Heavy Metal - Joseph recorded Canadian composer, Gary Kulesha's Concerto for Accordion and Brass Band with the Hannaford Street Silver Band, under the direction of Bramwell Tovey.
  • Renew'd at ev'ry glance - Released November 2008, the music of Hope Lee and David Eagle (Fei Yang) with Accordes Spring Quartet.
  • Duologue and PS42J's - To be released July 2009, the music of Phil Nimmons, where Joseph plays the accordion with James Campbell on clarinet.

For more information on Persuasion and Heavy Metal follow the links below.