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Accordion Resource Manual

In the history section, an in depth explanation of the emergence of the free-bass accordion is provided.  Click the above thumbnail to view an excerpt.
The present work fills a gap that has long existed in the accordion field with respect to its history and literature.  Earlier publications in this area are either outdated, as for example "Petite histoire de l'accordeon" (Pierre Monichon), "Das Akkordeon" (collective authors) and "Dreissig Jahre Neue Music fur Harmonika:  1927-57" (Armin Fett), or else their scope is purely regional, giving the impression that accordion history is evolving in relatively few countries.  ACCORDION RESOURCE MANUAL by Joseph Macerollo demonstrates conclusively that parallel activities are taking place in many countries to enlarge the repertoire and establish the accordion as a viable artistic medium.

I am confident that this book, with its wealth of information and knowledge, will make a very significant contribution towards this goal, and I feel sure that it will also encourage accordionists to think and perform in a wider and more international context than ever before.

Hugo Noth  Trossingen, August 1979


Arrived...The Accordion Reference Manual composition listings!  Featuring works for solo, chamber, and other various accordion combinations.

Musical Excerpt from Shafer's "La Testa d'Adriane.  Click the thumbnail above to learn more about this theatrical work for accordion and soprano.

The accordion produces its sound through the use of vibrating free reeds.  For more information on this, click the thumbnail above.

In the composition section of the book, the reader is shown the various colouristic and timbral elements possible with the accordion, in addition to information on pitch range.  Click the thumbnail above for more details.