Excerpt from "Accordion Resource Manual"

    The Bassetti Leader is a unique small free bass instrument, with a pitch range of 3 full octaves in the left hand.  This instrument has proven extremely useful in class instruction, not only for performance but also for the teaching of theory.  It could prove less costly and less unwieldy than a piano lab.  These instruments are great for stimulating the development of pitch.  Moreover, since the instrument is directly on the body and since there is an immediacy of tone response, the instrument is excellent for developing independence of hands, motor co-ordination, aural as well as sensory perception.  Presently, there are some experiments being undertaken to assess its potential in therapeutic treatment of retarded children and those less endowed with musical aptitudes.  Many piano teachers are beginning to look at its usefulness especially since used pianos are becoming scarce.  Some pianists doing missionary work where pianos are not readily available in remote communities are studying this instrument.  Finally, te instrument can serve as a pitch pipe for a choral conductor who can double melodic lines on the left hand and still leave the right hand free to conduct a choral ensemble.
    These are only a few of the many new faces of the free bass accordion presently being investigated.

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